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Coir mattresses manufacturers, in addition to their existing consumption of regular polyurethane foam, also want cost effective alternatives with high load bearing properties

In order to meet their requirements, we at Springfeel manufacture re-bonded polyurethane foam in densities like 80, 100 and 120 (in kg/m3). This re-bonded foam offers a more durable and effective solution to the use of traditional substances such as coir sheets and provides the mattress manufacturers the choice of either replacing the entire coir core or replacing a part of the coir core depending on availability, cost and other considerations.

Apart from the mattress industry re-bonded foam also finds use in the automobile industry and auxiliary power generating equipment as an effective sound dampening and vibration filtering material. The high compressive load bearing property of re-bonded enables it to be used as an ideal, cost effective underlay in the carpet industry.

Re-bonded foams are made from polyurethane foam chips with special additives and bonded under mechanical pressure to make the Re-bonded foam block and it is durable, strong and versatile.

Re-bond Foam Characteristics

The quality of rebounded foam depends on several factors like:

  • 👍  The types and grades of the foams used
  • 👍  The particle size and uniformity of the shredded foam
  • 👍  The density required of the end product
  • 👍  The quality of the binder
  • 👍  The binder / foam ratio

Re-bonded foam properties can be varied over a wide range by careful selection of base material, particle size, compression ratio, type and quantity of the binder. As a consequence, re-bonded flexible foam is gaining acceptance in applications which so far could not be satisfied by virgin foam material.

The Main Applications are:

  • 👍  Orthopedic and regular mattress.
  • 👍  Acoustic & Sound Absorption.
  • 👍  Vibration Filters.
  • 👍  GYM & Sports Flooring.
  • 👍  Carpet underlay.
  • 👍  Packaging industry.

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